Automower 330x/430x Robonect HX hardware install guide

Instructions on how to install the Hx module on different robotic lawn mowers.
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Automower 330x/430x Robonect HX hardware install guide

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What you need:
- Robonect® Hx module with the - 20p-20 adapter/cable.
- A new 5mm seal strip for reassembly. (probably optional, but come on, it's like $5, just get one!)
- A T20 Torx screwdriver.

Before you begin
- The install will void any warranty remaining (if any). (Not a problem for me, my mower is already 6 years old and have none).
- Make sure the Mower is charged.
- Turn it off using the switch underneath.
- Do a bit of pre-cleaning if the mower is very dirty.

Lets start!

Husqvarnas user-guide will help us out a bit.

First place the mover upside down, locate the grommets to be pried out (not shown clearly in the manual):
Then continue with the steps to remove the upper shell (called the body):
Removing shell.GIF
After body is removed, it's time for a propper cleaningn. I would recommend using a brush. Take extra care around the seam in the chassis. We don't want to get all the dirt inside.

Then continue to open the chassis:
Here is a video that show the steps needed to open up the mower pretty good:

At this point we are on our own, Husqvarna have no documentation on how to install the Robonect. ;)

Before we get ahead of ourselves with the install of new shiny things, lets first replace the seal now when everything is out of the way.
Just rip the old seal out, and if dirty, clean the inside of the seal grove with a brush.
When installing the new seal, leave ½", or about 1 CM of the seal sticking out, and then gently press it down and follow the grove all the way around. It is important to not stretch the seal strip when installing it, or it might not seal properly in the corners.
- Now, we need to disconnect BOTH batteries! IMPORTANT OR YOU MIGHT DAMAGE YOUR Robonect MODULE!

The batteries are connected to the main board at the back, next to where the ribbon (MMI) cable from the top half were connected. Here are pictures from a 320 that only have one battery, for 330 and 430 you need to disconnect two connectors.
Now we are ready to install the module.

I placed my module here, with the antenna towards the center of the robot.
I pulled some slack on the blue/violet charging cable and the small ribbon cable that goes to the front so i could route them around the module.

After installing the module with the pre-installed adhesive tabs, connect the Robonect module to the mainboard using its supplied ribbon cable.

Then connect the ribbon cable from the the top half of the chassis (the display and numpad-board) to the Robonect module.

When all the cabling is secure, it's time to reconnect the batteries.

It is recommended to flip on the mower and do the initial software setup of the Robonect module, or at least make sure that you see its WiFi SSID before reassembling the mower.


Make sure all the connectors to the outside cabling (charging and optional lights) are sticking through the grommet holes and can be accessed easily when the chassis is closed before continuing.

Place the top half of the chassis back on, make sure its on straight by checking that all the screw holes line up.

Slowly turn the screws counter clockwise until you feel it fall into the previously cut threads in the plastic, then try to screw it in carefully. If you found the existing threads it should screw in a few turns without much (almost no) resistance.
Screw until it bottoms out and tighten just a bit, not much at all.

If you don't find the old threads and let the screw cut new ones each time you reassemble, you will strip the threads eventually no matter how carefully you tighten or torque the screws.

Snap on the body (shell).

Reconnect the cables from the body (shell) and push back the grommets.

All is done! Now continue to software setup.
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