V1.2 07/14/2020 (Final Release)

Here you'll find the latest information about the latest firmware for the module.
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V1.2 07/14/2020 (Final Release)

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V1.2 RC0 :
- Fixed bug that the checkmark for "Switch on knife reminder" was not applied directly, but only after the first change was made.
- Fixed an error that an attempt to update the WLAN driver ended in error 501 on the display and was accordingly unsuccessful.
- Fixed a bug where units were not separated from the numerical value by a space, as required by the ISO standard. (eg battery: 10% instead of 10%)
- Fixed bug that the voltage "robonect / health / voltage / ext33" was published too often via MQTT.
- Fixed bug that the MQTT connection was unintentionally interrupted when the network settings were adjusted. The connection was shown as "Connected" even though it was offline.
- Fixed bug that caused a Husky-Cmd timeout internally. (ReqTim increased from 500ms> 1500ms)
- Fixed a bug that caused connections not to receive all data until the connection was closed.
- Fixed bug that the communication Robonect <> main board was out of synchronization (unsolicited messages 253 were not taken into account)
- Fixed bug that cameras that were not configured for the correct transmission rate were not automatically recognized.
- API: Chapter "robonect" added to cmd = version. Here you can see whether it is an H30x, Hx, Hx + or IO.
- Feature update: added spiral cut for Gardena City (with current firmware)
- Feature update: CorridorCut for Gardena City / Life (with current firmware) added
- Feature update: FrostSensor added (City / Life)
- Miscellaneous: support for Husqvarna Automower 305 (model 2020) added
- Other: MSW "550" added to the list of compatible Automower firmware versions (introduced by Husqvarna 2020)
- Other: HTTP server revised internally, page handling restructured
- Other: Added error handling for gate control (multiple attempts to
connect, abort mowing
if there is an error, etc.) - Other: Added error handling for passage control (multiple attempts to connect, abort mowing in the event of an error, etc.) - Other: Push / notification if there is a problem with the control of the garage door gave
- Other: Push / notification, if there was a problem controlling the passage

module V1.2:
- Feature update: Extended status display (follows perimeter wire 1, docks, tires turn through etc.)
- Feature update: The Automower 305 (2020) can now also follow the perimeter wire during a manual mowing job.
- Feature update: The Robonect relay can now also be used for the use of a second search wire. (For charging stations that only have one search wire)
- Feature update: The mowing time limit can now also be deactivated on the 315 & 315X.
- Feature update: A link to a shop is offered if the blades are worn. (This feature can be deactivated under Robonect> Webinterface). If blades are ordered via this link, I (Fabian) receive 5% of the sales. So order a few more. ;-))))
- Feature update: The garage door can now be opened / closed directly from the status page.
- Fixed a bug where not all sensors were displayed for the loop signals
- Fixed bug that the percentage sign in the interior
humidity (title line) was wrapped - Fixed bug that Automower 305 (2020) could not be started via Robonect. (Thanks to FK that I was allowed to use his mower for development)
- Fixed bug that sent the content type "text / html" for JSON & XML outputs
- Fixed bug that the mower might go back to stop mode occurs when an error message has been acknowledged directly on the mower.
- Fixed bug that the protected narrow space was not displayed on Apple devices
- Fixed bug that only the first was sent in two consecutive push events.
- Fixed bug that sometimes the battery was displayed as 0% even though it was full.
- Fixed bug that the WiFi signal strength was not displayed if there was a comma in the SSID.
- Fixed a bug that caused the mower to switch to stop mode by itself using the MSW 2 (very old firmware).
- Fixed bug that the mowing time extension might not work together with a gate control.

Download below:
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