Robonect HX - How to order.

What to buy and from where?
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Robonect HX - How to order.

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For all you who like me had a hard time to figure out what you need and how to order from the all-german shop, here's a simple guide.

You need a Robonect HX module, look for your mower model to figure out which kit to order (the base module are all the same, just with different connectors in the kits).
In the example image i chose the 20p-20 kit as it fits my Automower 330x.

Link to kits:

Other then the kit for your model you don't really need anything else. The shop do offer some accessories though.

Personally would at least recommend a new seal for your mower if you don't already have one on hand, or have another source for it. It's recommended to change it every time you open the mower. For my 330x i know it's the 5mm version, hopefully others can add down below what size to get for different models.

There's also the option for a ribbon-cable for the extension port on the Robonect module, but it truly is optional.

If you have the Gardena City mower, the top cover is held in place by plastic clips in four places, it can be tricky to get them all to release simultaneously, so a set of four "tools" to insert that hold all the prongs back at the same time is offered.

Link to accessories:

There's also the option to buy only the connector and NO MODULE. This option might be useful if you got your hands on a HX module second hand, or you upgrade your mower to another model with a different connector and want to transfer your HX module.

Link to the adaptors: ONLY ADAPTOR, NO HX MODULE INCLUDED! ... umbausets/

When you are done with your shopping, click the basket in the upper right.

Use the code FORUM80 if you want a nice discount, or sponsor Fabian a bit extra and don't, its up to you.

Next step is billing and shipping address:
Next is payment.

The options are PayPal, In advance, or on collection. Since this guide is for international users i assume everyone will use PayPal.
You will get redirected to PayPal to finish up your payment. When done you get redirected back for a confirmation of your order.

All is done! Now we just have to wait for it to arrive and we can continue on with installation.
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