MQTT Problem?

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MQTT Problem?

Post by martinhult »


I have a flow in Node Red running to control the robonect module to a weather station depending on humidity and stuff.
Very sporadically the mower jumps over to Parking and stops and two seconds later it starts to move again.

I don't know if this is connected to the MQTT flow or if it's a bug in the robonect module.

Does somebody else has any similar problem?

/ Martin
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Re: MQTT Problem?

Post by Tamaz »

So the problem turned out to be a MQTT miss-configuration. The mode was sent to the broker with the retain flag set, so every time the robonect briefly lost and reconnected to the broker it got the auto command sent, resulting in it restarting the current mode, stopping and starting again.

Changing the automation to set the retain flag as false when sending a new command to the broker, and then removing the last retained message in the broker by sending an empty message with the retain flag as true.

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